At Cloak we support a mother’s right to choose how she wants to feed her baby – if a mother chooses to breastfeed we are here to help make her and to try and make this transition with her new life a little easier.

“Breastfeeding is quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever done. “ Mara, Founder of Cloak

Cloak Founder’s founder remembers all too well the strain that new motherhood can be on your mind, body, and spirit. Sleep deprivation and spinning hormones can take its toll. Her focus, like so many other mothers, was to care for her newborn – often at the neglect of caring for herself.  

Cloak was born out of the simple hope of supporting new moms by helping them effortlessly look good and feel a bit more like themselves. It is a collection of stylish and comfortable dresses designed specifically for the needs of breastfeeding mothers. Each style features a functionality that allows a mother to easily and discretely nurse her baby.  

The Collection is made with style, function and sustainability in mind. Each garment  is made with bamboo, which means in addition to being softer than your most cozy tshirt, all of our products are ecologically sustainable and naturally antibacterial.

Central to the company is the core belief that motherhood is a shared experience and supporting one another is imperative – especially those that are less fortunate. Cloak has thus partnered with Women in Need (WIN), which provides shelter and support to homeless mothers and children in New York City.